About us

ECO-CONSTRUCTIONS Sp. z o.o. based in Pruszcz Gdańsk, Poland, is your partner in innovative and comprehensive solutions!

The Company’s management started their careers in Techmet, the sector leader in the 80s and 90s. The experience of the management and the implementation of 21st century technologies have contributed to the quality and long-term efficiency of our equipment, thus guaranteeing the satisfaction of potential Clients.

The Company is among the leaders on the Polish market in designing and manufacturing equipment for the food industry, especially the fruit-vegetable and fish sectors.

Przetwórstwo ryb jako jeden z głównych dziedzin w których się specjalizujemy zaoowocował współpracą z Gdańską Stocznią Remontowa im. J. Piłsudskiego przy przebudowie kilkunastu statków (przetwórni na statkach dalekomorskich).Fish processing, being one of the specializations of the firm, has paid off following cooperation with the Gdansk Repair Shipyard in the reconstruction of more than a dozen ships (processing plants on sea-going ships).

We excel in the production of conveyors for the handling and preliminary processing of fruit and vegetables, as well as the construction of production lines and equipment for sorting fruit and vegetables.

Our machines are made of stainless and acid-resistant steel and materials allowed to be in contact with food. We also fulfil tailor-made orders, according to our own or our Clients’ designs.

DWe operate our own fleet of machines and employ qualified personnel.

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